NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket to roll out Aug. 18 for lunar launch

Artemis 1 rocket beside Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA

NASA’s ambitious Artemis 1 moon mission is go to return to the pad, one last time, ahead of launch. The Artemis 1 stack will make the roughly 4-mile (6.4 kilometers) journey from Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Complex 39B on Aug. 18, NASA confirmed on Friday (Aug. 5). The rollout will keep … Read more

Florida braces for crowds for NASA’s Artemis 1 moon mission launch

An artist

They’re coming. Tourism officials in Florida’s Space Coast are expecting a massive influx of tourists for the upcoming Artemis 1 moon mission, the first launch for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. The “Space Coast” is a term given to the region of Florida where both Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station … Read more

NASA is ‘in the final stretch’ of launching its Artemis I mission on August 29

NASA will roll out the Space Launch System (SLS), and the Orion capsule to the launch pad in just two weeks as it plans for August 29 to kickoff its Artemis I mission

NASA is ‘in the final stretch’ of launching its Artemis I mission as it will roll out the worlds most powerful rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), and the Orion capsule to the launch pad in just two weeks. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said during a Wednesday briefing: ‘This is now the Artemis generation,’ Nelson … Read more

European Space Agency recruits Shaun (the sheep) for Artemis 1 moon mission

Shaun, the title character from the Aardman stop-motion TV series

A popular stop-motion sheep is about to go from Mossy Bottom Farm to the moon. Shaun, the title character from the animated television series “Shaun the Sheep,” has been assigned a space on NASA’s Artemis 1 mission, targeted for launch later this month. The unusually clever Shropshire lamb — in plush doll form — will … Read more

NASA will preview its Artemis 1 moon mission this week. Here’s how to watch for free.


NASA is just weeks away from launching its first Artemis flight to the moon this month and you can learn all about the mission in free webcasts this week.  Artemis 1, NASA’s uncrewed deep-space test flight of its Orion spacecraft and massive Space Launch System megarocket, is scheduled to launch around the moon on Aug. … Read more

ESA names first ‘astronaut’ to fly on the Artemis I lunar mission

Science & Exploration 02/08/2022 6093 views 57 likes The specially trained woolly astronaut, Shaun the Sheep, has been assigned a seat on the Artemis I mission to the Moon. Shaun’s assignment was announced by ESA’s Director for Human and Robotic Exploration Dr David Parker. David Parker said, “Shaun’s mission assignment rounds off the first phase … Read more

Shaun the Sheep will be the first ‘astronaut’ to fly on the Artemis I mission around the moon

Shaun's spacecraft will enter a low-Earth orbit before its upper stage fires off, taking it into a translunar orbit. The Orion capsule will then perform a flyby of the moon, using the gravity to gain speed and propel itself 43,500 miles (70,000 km) beyond the lunar satellite, before splashing back down in the Atlantic Ocean up to 42 days later

The identity of the first astronaut to blast off onboard the Artemis I mission to the moon has been revealed – and it is none other than Shaun the Sheep. A figurine of Aardman’s beloved character will be placed onboard the NASA’s Orion spacecraft before liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA later … Read more