Bill Russell was unparalleled on the basketball court, uncompromising off it – The Boston Globe

He lived his life in a relentlessly straightforward manner. He basically gave the racism he encountered the back of his hand. “Proud” does not begin to describe the forthright nature by which he lived his life. He was a role model and an inspiration. He was a truly Great American. Oh, and he could play … Read more

What Twitter’s Subpoenas Say About Its Plan to Fight Elon Musk in Court

Twitter has sent dozens of subpoenas in recent days to the banks and investors that were backing Elon Musk in his bid to acquire the company, while also seeking more information about well-known technology industry personalities who are considered close to Mr. Musk. The subpoenas are part of efforts to help determine whether Mr. Musk … Read more

‘This must be stopped’: US begins court battle against publishing giants’ merger

The government and publishing titan Penguin Random House exchanged opening salvos in a federal antitrust trial Monday as the US seeks to block the biggest US book publisher from absorbing rival Simon & Schuster. The case will be a pivotal test of the Biden administration’s antitrust policy. The justice department has sued to block the … Read more