As NFL star joins list of psychedelic-endorsing celebrities, are the drugs FINALLY mainstream?

Revelations that NFL star Aaron Rodgers used psychedelic drugs to boost his performance were just the latest celebrity endorsement of mind-altering drugs, which were for decades taboo but are fast entering the American mainstream. Rodgers, 38, who says the South American hallucinogen ayahuasca aided his ‘best season’ in the NFL, joins a growing list of … Read more

Water Can Spontaneously Form Hydrogen Peroxide, And We Finally Understand Why

Since being plunged into a global pandemic, we’re probably far more aware of being surrounded by microdroplets of water. In humid air or expelled by a cough, sneeze or talking, these droplets can carry tiny particles with them, from pollution to viruses like the flu.   Back in 2019, the basic chemistry of these motes of … Read more

Has Matt Ryan finally made the Colts’ QB carousel stop spinning?

WESTFIELD, Ind. — The Colts believe they’ve finally found some consistency at quarterback. Matt Ryan has stabilized the game’s most important position by improving the level of production and leadership at the offensive forefront. And since it appears Ryan will be doing it for at least a couple of years — he’s under contract through … Read more

Physicists Finally Measure a Long Theorized Molecule Made From Light And Matter

Physicists have just caught light acting the part of ‘glue’ between atoms, in a kind of loosely bonded molecule. “We have succeeded for the first time in polarizing several atoms together in a controlled way, creating a measurable attractive force between them,” says University of Innsbruck physicist Matthias Sonnleitner.   Atoms connect to form molecules in … Read more

Black Holes Finally Proven Mathematically Stable

In 1963, the mathematician Roy Kerr found a solution to Einstein’s equations that precisely described the space-time outside what we now call a rotating black hole. (The term wouldn’t be coined for a few more years.) In the nearly six decades since his achievement, researchers have tried to show that these so-called Kerr black holes … Read more

Russell Wilson’s Supersized Truck Might Have Finally Ended My Devotion to Football

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> National Football League training camps are underway, so sportsball media can finally start reporting important news, like what kind of vehicle star quarterback Russell Wilson drove to the first practice with his new team, the Denver Broncos. Really: ESPN ran a Fashion Week–style story about the arrival of players at training camp, and one … Read more

Madden 23 Finally Has An Answer For Scrambling, Deep-Ball QBs, Says Producer

When Madden 23 launches this month, it will come, as always, with several much-touted new features, such as an on-the-field overhaul, collectively called Fieldsense, as well as new wrinkles to the game’s Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise mode, and more. With just days to go before launch and a day-zero patch now made public, … Read more

Samsung Finally Unveils Self-Repair Kits, But Only For a Few Phone Models

Photo: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP (Getty Images) Samsung has taken its first, tentative baby steps in the path toward giving users the option to self repair their devices. These new repair kits are only available for a few select models, and new parts could still cost a pretty penny. On Tuesday, the company shared its new repair … Read more

Tottenham 0- Roma 1: Preseason finally ends in dripping defeat

Tottenham Hotspur traveled to Haifa, Israel for their fourth and final preseason game of the summer, taking on AS Roma and former boss Jose Mourinho. With the temperature sitting at 82 degrees and the humidity levels even higher, the players stayed cautious when pushing themselves to the limit. Of course, the goal of preseason is … Read more