Summers Warns Fed on 1970s-Style Mistake With CPI Set to Slow

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Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said he’s concerned that a slowing in headline inflation in upcoming data will prompt the Federal Reserve to conclude its policies are working, when much more action is in fact needed. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Christopher Anstey ivfia)s47){ihg6xzrc]k0fn_media_dl_1.png Bloomberg RSS Article content (Bloomberg) … Read more

How Bill Russell’s USF legacy was poisoned by school’s mistake

Shortly after becoming president of the University of San Francisco, the Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald flew to Seattle for an important meeting. There, he told Bill Russell’s lawyer how he would repair USF’s relationship with its most famous former student: free tuition so Russell could finally finish his bachelor’s degree; an honorary doctorate; an invitation … Read more